Homeward Bound

Who knows what the day holds when you get out of bed. 

The day started well, played with my sisters and brothers, the sun was shining but the weatherman said snow.  There was an air of excitement as the day progressed and then the people’s scooped up me and my sisters and brothers and placed us in a box.

We missed dinner, and I never miss a meal.  Next thing I know we are at Starbucks.

Cool, I’ll have a skinny Mocha Latte, extra whipped cream, please – but no!  The peoples are just sitting around in their car.

As time went by, new people’s came by and my sisters and brothers left until it was just me.

FINALLY, remember I’m just a puppy and we don’t have any patience.  A car arrived and out came my new people’s.  It was dark I was cold and scared and tired and hungry.

ME and my new people Homeward Bound

These people’s seem nice.  They are friendly and warm and so was their car.  Off we went, into the cold night, into the snowstorm.  We were Homeward Bound.

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