My peoples tell me I have two bigger sisters so I am going with it, but what do they know, they aren’t dogs. Anyway, my sisters are Marley and Sage. Both are a lot older than I am. Guess that means I’m a midlife crisis dog. Welp, my sisters forgot how to play, but don’t worry I’m helping them remember.

Sage is the alpha and I hate to tell her but there is a new girl in town. Yes she is a bit taller and I have to jump up to look her in the eye.

Sage and I play each morning while waiting for breakfast. She learned it’s best to get down to my height. Like I said there is a new girl in town and times are a changing.

After Sage warmed up and we started becoming best of buds, Marley was feeling on the outs and had join in. As you can see, she has lots of gray so I take it easy with her. But damn, girl needs a breath mint.

Marley is a big fan of pattycake, a little before my time but hey, I’ll play along for the fun of it.

Oh yeah, can’t forget my cousin Scout

She has a thing for small white dogs – except me. She is afraid of me so I love following her, just trying to be buds and maybe sneak a sniff. Yup, I follow her all around the house and in the yard, she runs.

She came into the house and stopped dead in her tracks when she saw me. Surprise! Wanta play with my chicken?

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