Baked Potato

As you know my peoples thought it best I start wearing a fleece to bed. Isn’t “fleece” on sheep? Do I look like a sheep? I’m still not over it, and I fight them every night when they put it on me.

They Have this really cool think called an “air regulator.” And it regulates the air! Most of the time it uses hot air. When it does, I’m in Heaven.

This is the BEST, I only share the “air regulator” with my toys. Sometimes I have to kick the kittie off.

They have a couple in the house but I really enjoy starting my day on the “air regulator” in their bathroom.

A girl’s gotta have options

I’m trying to figure out how to work the “thermostat” so I can enjoy more “air regulator” time. The problem is I’m not tall enough to reach it. Hmmmm. Maybe the kitties can help.

Sorta fell asleep

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