Look Out, Big Dog Walking

My peoples told me something about A. Walk. I thought A. Walk was a new people and I love meeting new peoples but it turns out A. Walk isn’t a people, it’s something you do. Geez, they need to limit their vocabulary I can only handle so much.

So I’ve been on a bunch of “a walk”s now and WOW there are fun, so many more of everything out there. I met new peoples, one called the mailman. Explain to me why “mailman” is a name and “A. Walk” is not. Anyway, he was really nice, and I met a couple of the neighbors. They were nice and said I was so cute.

Oh and did I mention the smells? OMG. The grass smells different, and there are all kinds of bushes and there are these things called “pine cones.” They make great snacks.

The Little Big Dog

The other day we were on “a walk” and went by a place with con-struct-ion equipment (whatever that is) and they were digging holes. Really, really big holes, can you imagine the cat treats they find buried in those big holes. Oh yeah, I saw lots of “cars.” It was tough but I managed to control my excitement and didn’t run up to each of the “cars,” but I can sit and watch them for hours.

Gosh, I love going on a walk.

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