My Bad Habits Lead to You….

Ya know, as a puppy I just don’t know stuff . I look to my big sisters for examples. My peoples don’t understand this and get all excited when a puppy is being a puppy. For some reason they get mad when I chew on their furniture. Hey it’s made of wood. They give me bones made of “nylabone,” doesn’t that sounds tasty. But I digress and the topic for another day.

I love being outsides, it’s great out there. Lots of sunlight, sticks, rocks, sunflowers, balls and snow.

I’m glad my peoples leave the sunflowers (editor note: these are wild prairie sunflowers) over the winter, they are great to chew on and who doesn’t like sunflower seeds.

One day, my sister Sage was showing me how she pretends to be a scarecrow. Looks like fun – right?

The Potato and big sister Sage

So I gave it a go, but can you believe the “grass” is the same color as me! Geez I wanted to be a scarecrow too.

All my sisters get to play scarecrow, but I can’t.

The Potato and big sister Marley

Look my big cousin Scout gets to play scarecrow.

Cousin Scout

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