Binge Watching

My peoples have the coolest thing, it’s called “ TV.” Where did they come up with a name like that. It sounds similar to a disease like “TB,” “VD,” or “RSV.” It’s crazy nonsense.

Anyway, TV has peoples in it. You can watch things called “shows.” But these shows seem a little shallow and 2 dimensional to me. And some shows have dogs! I’ve been “binging” shows, now don’t tell the peoples.

I’ve really been enjoying a show called “Little House on the Prairie,” the prairie has all kinds of sticks to chew on, I need to go! (Editors note: don’t you tell her where she lives). Also, over the weekend I got to watch Cruella and Finch (it’s about a dog). The She peoples didn’t care for Cruella but the He peoples enjoyed it. He also said something about have a great “sound track.” What’s a sound track?

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