Sous (Shoo) Chef

I LOVE food and I love being in the kitchen. It’s amazing, only 4 months old and already a sous chef. Maybe some more salt or pepper or how about this box of cake mix- gotta have dessert. (Editor’s note; It’s shoo chef, she doesn’t listen well).

Salt? Pepper? Cake mix?

Wow, that oven is hot but it feels good. I think I will stay right here. Wonder how I can leave the door open, sure beats sitting on the air regulator. Note to self “Self, speak to the kitties about the oven!”

This smelling GREAT, but my stomach is making all kinds of odd noises. I’m not going to tell the peoples because they’ll take me to the “vet” and that is not fun. A story for another day.

Looking good, won’t be long now.

Alright, dinner is done. Time to dish it up. Which of these things is a slotted spoon?

Tastes great, which spoon do I need?

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