I know I have an issue with personal space but it is clearly paying off; I have BESTIES and the other two kitties are warming up. Oh boy this great having besties.

This is my kittie bestie. Her name is Bleu. I didn’t have the heart to tell her she is misspelling her name but she is a kittie and what do they know.

My big (I mean yeah she is big) sister and bestie Marley. She doesn’t like wrestling and prefers to lay around and nap. I used to like napping but since I’m a big girl now (Editorial comment: she is 5 months old) I don’t need naps.

Marley likes hugs, I like hugs. My peoples like hugs. We are a hugging family.

My bestie Sage. We love out outside time. She showed me how to bark at the FedEx and Prime trucks, tree-rats and other dogs. Sage and I wrestle all the time but that is for another day.

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