You Make A Better Door Than A Window

Why is it that whenever I’m trying to get somewhere one of my besties is in the way? I know, show some respect for my elder sisters but really, they don’t show me any! They think they got all the time in the world and I can wait.

See what I’m saying? Can you hurry up, I’m not getting any younger here and I have to pee! The kitties think they are all that but NOOOO they can’t even open the door.

Excuse me, but can you move? I’m short and I need to get a running start to make the leap, and you’re in the way and did I mention I have to PEE! Maybe I can squeak by at this corner. I think the older generation needs hearing aids! (Editorial comment: yup she made it inside in time to pee on the rug)

Do you want in? Password? Yup, if you know the password you get in. So what’s the PASSWORD? Take your time I just got up from my nap.

Hey, you can’t just push your way in without knowing the password. You’re cheating! My PEOPLES – HELP! Marley is cheating! Cheater, cheater, pumpkin eater. Hmmm, pumpkin does sound like a good snack today.

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