These Boots were meant for walkin’

My peoples have it made. These things are called shoes they wear on their feet. But I don’t understand why. They make great play toy and chew things.

I think they are great to chew on. You know my teethies hurt and these shoes are usually made of soft leather. Maybe some faux fur (like my SAT word for today?) on the inside, I think of it as an appetizer.

My head fits inside of some types of shoes. That is where the faux fur is, I think I heard the She peoples call them boots.

A girl has to have options. They come in many colors but that doesn’t translate to different tastes. I don’t want to tell the peoples they got ripped off but….

Shoes okay they are slippers are even more fun when they are on their feet. They are moving, I’m chasing. It is all good fun. The peoples usually yell. I also like flip-flops when they are on feet. Talk about yelling!

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