National Bulldogs are BEAutiful Day

Guess what peoples, today is National Bulldogs are BEAutiful Day and I am ready. Here I am, I can hardly wait. Just sitting here looking for the crowds of well-wishers to stop by. I love meeting new peoples.

Let’s Go! I can’t wait.

Hmmm, the backyard fence is in the way, I’ll use the landing on the stairs to see what is holding the crowds up? Maybe I can send get my peoples out to lend a hand so the crowds can visit with me.

NO ONE is out there. Where are all the peoples? How can they dash a poor puppy’s feelings?

It’s ok, I’ll just lay here, under the curtain, by the door on a towel. Maybe someone will stop by, and I’ll be ready. It’s exhausting sitting around hoping and waiting. I’ll take a nap.

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