Brush those teeth

During one of my visits to the Vet (they are nightmares I have to tell you about when the peoples aren’t around) my peoples picked up doggie toothpaste and crazy toothbrushes. I was a real PITA when the She peoples tried to brush my teeth, guess what – yup, oh boy I now have a battery powered Minion toothbrush. It’s great, the peoples turn it on and lay it on the floor. It makes noise and slides across the floor. I grab it and run! The vibration tickles my tongue.

There it is, isn’t it GREAT! Oh yeah and the doggie approved toothpaste. “Enzymatic” – geez that sounds appealing, Really, why am I being tortured, has anyone smelt my sister Marley’s breath?

The She peoples had to show me how I am supposed to use the toothbrush. I think chasing it across the floor is way more fun.

This is more like it. Wait, She said “don’t forget the molars.” What’s a molar?

And another favorite, “don’t forget to rinse.”

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