Philippe Floppe

I don’t feel like the peoples have their best interest at heart. I can’t figure these things out. They flip, they flop, they gotta be dangerous. When the peoples walk in them, they make a funny sound. Which is great, I hear them coming so I can stop whatever fun thing I am doing – you know before they catch me.

The He people is using them to kill flies so why are they on his feet. I don’t think that is very hygienic.

I’ve tried to convince the peoples to stop wearing them. But no. I bite those flip-flop thingies and occasionally the peoples foot but they just drag me along.

Maybe if I lie on them the She people won’t find them.

I know the He peoples feel when he was wearing these in the snow. I’m not kidding these are dangerous.

Did you know that sandals were invented by a Frenchman? His name was Philippe Filoppe. What do you expect from a French bulldog.

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