Rain Drops and Puddles

(Editorial comment: it must be remembered, Lettie is 7 1/2 months old and this is her first rain storm of any significance.)

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens …

The strangest thing happened the other day. The sun went away, but it wasn’t night-night time. Then water started falling from the sky, there was loud noises and quick flashes of the sun or something. The peoples said something about “hey the weather guy finally got it right.” Not sure what that means but hey, peoples, did you look out the door? The SKY is FALLING! Everything is wet!

Being a brave soul, willing to risk it all, plus this looks like fun, I ventured outside into the rain.

The thingy that runs down the wall was making a noise. Many times when I was just a little puppy, it contained stuff called “ice.” I love licking and chewing on ice, but now there is water coming out. But I don’t see a water bowl anywhere and the garden hose is still where it belongs.

The rain kept hitting me on my head, so I put my ears down but that didn’t seem to help. Having to do what a puppy has to do, I headed for my fave place to pee. WAIT, there is a “puddle,” I think that is what the He people called it. How can this be? There isn’t a bowl, wait I all ready said that, I get so confused when I’m excited. Let’s go check this out.

It’s like a pool but there isn’t any sides, so I cautiously stepped into the puddle.

Wow, look the rain is causing bubble on the puddle. I like popping bubbles, just a quick bite and POP they are gone. I also used my paw to pop a couple but that’s not as fun.

The He people, started complaining he was getting soaked, well yeah, you are standing in the rain without any fur. He said something about common sense and coming in out of the rain. I don’t know what that means but rain is fun. So I slowly made my way to the door. He was complaining about being wet and taking is clothes off – why don’t peoples have fur I wondered – they could just shake.

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