Man’s Best Friend (it’s not kitties)

We all know how much I enjoy the stoop at the back door, well I also enjoy just sitting at the door watching the birds, butterflies, pollinators and things in general. This is great since the summer started because the peoples have this thing called “air conditioning.” I have no idea what kind of conditioning the air needs but it is cooler inside than out.

Anyway, I was sitting in my favorite spot and my kittie sister Bleu came by. Well I thought she wanted back in to enjoy the conditioned air, but no.

Seems Bleu was just looking to show me how much she likes me. Kitties are funny when they show a puppy some love. Bleu loves my big dog sister too but they don’t take it well. I think maybe kitties are bipolar.

When kitties are loving you, they rub their face, especially their teeth against you. I don’t understand why and kitties don’t brush like I do. Maybe I should mention this to the peoples that each kittie needs a Minion toothbrush.

After some loving, Bleu arches her back and walks away. What is that about. Is she on parade or does she think she is all that and a bag of chips. I like potato chips, especially BBQ. The peoples don’t drop them on the floor often enough…. I’m getting off topic.

Oh she just wants to rub the other side of her face and those teeth on me. Gosh kitties show their love in a funny way. Kittie love doesn’t always end well. Usually, at this point my kittie sisters hiss, bite or hit me with their paw. No wonder dogs are man’s best friend and not kitties.

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