Power Naps

Studies have shown that power naps, the peoples call them cat naps – how can they confuse me for a kittie is very confusing, I was reading an article publish by the Harvard Medical School (don’t look so surprised, I’m very well read) anyway I take power naps whenever and wherever I can get them.

Power naps are best when spontaneous. The “coffee” table is a good place. I really like iced coffee but I’m not sure what the table has to do with coffee.

The chair in the He people’s office is another great place for a power nap. It takes a lot outta a girl sitting in the chair, looking out the window and barking at peoples I don’t know.

Also, a great place to power nap – the top of the stairs. When the He peoples is not paying attention to me I sneak up the stairs and watch him and my sisters. Climbing the stairs is tiring but a quick power nap gets me ready to chase kitties.

Of course a power nap on the ottoman is always a good place. I really like it because the peoples put a faux fur blanket on it.

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