Potato vs Butterball

Can someone explain to me what a Butterball is? My aunt has stopped calling me “potato” and started calling me “Butterball!” I’m a little confused. The vet said I’m on target and doing fine. Does this have something to do with weight? Yes, I’ve doubled my going home weight but I’m supposed – right?

I think I am looking good. Ok so maybe a bikini is a bit optimistic but I don’t like the beach anyway. I’m still a cutie, everyone tells me so. Yes, I enjoy eating with the peoples AND my sisters….

Look, I have no problem hopping up onto the chair and laying between the peoples legs. I get to enjoy lots of TV shows this way.

Ok so maybe there is a little resemblance….

But do you really think I look anything like this Butterball? BTW what is a Butterball?

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