I am Lettie, Lettie I am.

Always looking for adventure, wherever I can.

I am supposed to like toys, cause they bring joys.

I don’t like them for dogs. I don’t like them with frogs.

I don’t like them there, but I do like them with hair.

All mine, I’m not sharing

Lettie I am, yes I do like toys, especially round ones favored by boys.

I do, I do like them here. I do, I do like them there.

I like them on mats. I do like toys, even for cats.

This is over the top

I like them with fuzz. I like them with fur.

Lettie I am. I like round toys, whatever they’re for.

What dryer ball

Maybe for dogs, or maybe for cats.

I am Lettie, and Lettie I am. I do know where fun’s at.

Hacky sack is overrated

I do so like balls, round toys for alls.

Thank you, thank you.

Lettie I am.

PS, Thanks Dr Seuss

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