Dog Food – Again! Meh

Dog food – YUCK! My sisters don’t seem to have an issue but what do they know? It is just dog food. Yeah, they change the flavors (if that is what you want to call it) every day, but it is still dog food. I would like a nice pasta with red sauce and a Chianti.

Really! Do I look dumb? The peoples think if they put rotisserie chicken on top, I won’t notice that it is dog food underneath.

Quick the He peoples is not in his office and left his computer on. Using a keyboard when you have paws is difficult. I can’t press Alt + Ctrl at the same time. Why does accessibility include options for users with paws?

Oh boy! The Omelette Parlor has home fries and they accept online orders. Good thing the He peoples has an Uber Eats account, I don’t have a credit card.

I need to speak to the peoples about getting a credit card. How is a girl supposed to shop without one? Oh look, the He peoples has a bookmark for Amazon account…. I really need to discuss getting a credit card with them.

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