Scrum, Not Agile

I hear the He peoples complaining (I don’t use his words as this is a family friendly blog) about Agile and Scrum. Since I am well read, I found out one is a philosophy and the other is a methodology of the philosophy, popular in IT project management. Welp, that isn’t what I’m talking about. I’m talking about playing with my sisters and cousin.

They keep counting me out because I’m so much smaller. For what I am missing in size I make up for with commitment. I’m here to play! So let’s dive into the scrum.

Yes they knock me down, but I get right back up and dive into the scrum. For those of you not familiar with rugby, a scrum is “a method of restarting play in rugby football that involves players packing closely together with their heads down and attempting to gain possession of the ball.” Thank you Wikipedia. We don’t play with a football but we enjoy a good scrum followed by a race around the yard.

HIKE or whatever they say in rugby, we are off and I’m in the middle. Jumping on Sage. You know what they say? It’s all good fun until someone’s gets hurt, then it’s great!

France has a National women’s rugby team but their kits are boring, so I went looking to England and found the lady Harlequins, aka Quinns. I totally love their kit.

The He person doesn’t have Photoshop but I managed even without a opposable thumb. Actually I don’t have fingers either. I look good don’t you think? Definitely better than that fleece they got me last year.

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