Gotta Share, My Momma Said

The She peoples like to tell me I have to share. I feel I share my stuff. As I like to remind her, what’s mine is mine, and what’s theirs is mine. So when the sisters or my cousin have stuff I feel they should share.

I’m sharing with Sage

The other day, my sister Pippi the cat brought home a rabbit. My cousin thought she could play with it. I had to explain to her that she needed to share.

My cousin Scout with a squeak toy

She wasn’t sharing. Not with me, not with my sisters plus she took it from Pippi. So the He peoples had to take it away from her. If you can’t share (with me) you can’t have it. I would really like to play with that rabbit. They make the best squeaky toys.

Scout not too happy about sharing

(Editorial note, no rabbits were significantly injured in this encounter. The rabbit was shown the escape route and is long GONE!)

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