Hah, the peoples have this swing. I’ve seen my sister kitties in it all the time. They enjoy playing in it so it must be a swing-set. I really want to try it out. After a lot of thought I have a plan…

It is a good thing I have such short legs, it means I have a low center of gravity and I can stand on the swing-set. Can you imagine how funny it would be watching the peoples trying to stand on the swing-set? It is probably best they remain seated.

This is great, the view is so much better. Guess what? I’m taller than the fence around those tasty flowers.

I wonder if I climb to the top of the swing-set, maybe I can hop off, and over the fence? Then I can eat the last of the blue berries.

Climbing a cargo net is not as easy as it looks. On to plan “B.” Darn, I don’t have a plan “B.”

Ok, so how do I get down? This thing won’t stop swinging. I wonder if that is why the peoples call it a swing?

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