Joy Riding

The mountain is high, the valley is low
And you’re confused on which way to go.”

The peoples like to go for “rides.” I thought they meant carnival rides, welp no. They like to drive their automobile around in circles. Sometimes we go to a park and I get out, that is great fun but damn the sun is hot.

As we motor along, I like to look out the window and partake in all the passing smells. As much as one puppy can when buzzing down the street. If only they would walk, I could smell those flowers, get a little exercise, maybe some cardio – gotta watch my shape you know.

With my sis Sage

Come on and take a free ride (Free ride)
Come on and sit here by my side
Come on and take a free ride.”

Anyway, I enjoy the ride. They put this strap thingy on me so I don’t hurt myself. Really, I’m not driving! Maybe if the He peoples drove better this wouldn’t be a concern. The She peoples warns us all the time, “hold on her girls, poppa is driving.”

Using my sis Marley as a step up

Sometimes it is good to see where you have been. With the He peoples driving it is easier for me to hold myself steady if I stand on Marley. She doesn’t seem to care nor does she want to see where we have been.

After a while it gets tiring so I use the dog seat cover as a rest-stop (like the way I fit driving lingo into the story?)

The peoples think this seat cover is going to keep me in the back seat, welp they are WRONG!

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