Doing My Part and Recycling….

The peoples are into recycling, well I’m doing my part too, but I focus exclusively on plastic water bottles. The peoples call throwing their plastic into a bin “recycling.” Well I take trash and recycle it into a toy right before their eyes.

Now I can’t figure out why water is in a bottle and not in a bowl. It comes out of a faucet so why is it in a bottle, people are so hard to figure out.

Why water bottles? They are so easy to chew on, they make noise, and bounce when you pounce on them. Those cheap bottles are the best, they make all kinds of noise and crush flat.

The best thing about plastic bottles, is I can take them outside and none of the peoples care. Sometimes they complain it is too early in the morning but I’m already awake so what is the problem.

Hey Toy, do you want to play with my water bottle?

Sometimes I recycle other kinds of bottles but they aren’t as much fun.

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