Lost in the Wilds (S1E59)

This episode begins with our hero emerging from the thick jungle foliage after a harrowing trek through the wilds searching for the ever elusive jungle lion.

The jungle lion is a ferocious feline, with piercing yellow eyes, large sharp claws and fangs used to crack the bones of its victim.

Staving off exhaustion and battle the effects of heat stoke and thirst, our hero eagerly awaits a bowl of water and a well deserved rest before resuming her endeavor.

Based on a sighting by a native, our hero begins her search of the jungle near ancient ruins. Our hero on her toes and observant, cautiously inspects paw prints. All the while avoiding the poisonous Helianthus petiolaris flower.

Dr Livingston I presume?

The jungle lion, renown for its mastery of camouflage and stealth, discreetly stalks our unsuspecting hero. Will the jungle lion leap? Is the fur on our hero’s back tingling? These and more questions will be answered in the next episode.

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