…and then it leaked

When I was young (I’m 10 months now) I found this garden thingy. I’ll call it the garden chew toy. The He peoples uses it with the flowers, it is a bit scary so I stay away. Guess what, I found it just lying around in the yard and its tasty! I carried it in to the house, throw some pillows on the floor, why lay on the floor – right? Made myself comfy.

Sometimes, I just chew on it, and bask in the sun. Maybe I should ask the peoples for sun glasses, the sun is bright. Oh, and I would enjoy some cool grass to lay in.

Wait, what? Look, there is water coming out, I wonder why. It normally doesn’t have water coming out, unless the He peoples is playing with it and he isn’t. So what’s happening?

Ahhhh, what is happening now? I was just chewing on it, like hundreds of times before and it started to rain out of the garden chew toy.

Geez, I’m getting wet. I don’t like the rain and it’s coming out of the garden chew toy. Rain is supposed to fall from the sky. I think I need to tell someone, this can’t be right.

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