The Potato Roll

What is a puppy to do when she has a back itch? Not having an opposable thumb is a real problem. Peoples just don’t know how lucky they are. Short legs are also a problem but that is a story for another day. Taking a page outta my kittie sister’s handbook, I scratch my itch by rolling on the patio or out in the yard. In the yard, I am covered in dirt and the Peoples cheer me on and I get a brushing.

This patio rug is nice. I don’t know why the Peoples put it out here, it gets covered with pieces of stick I’ve been chewing on and bugs. Really, who puts a rug outside? Not to mention it rains on the rug, who wants to lie on a wet rug? The rug is great, it’s not hard like the patio and the textured weave really feels good. Sorta like an egg crate mattress topper. Which BTW make great chew toys.

Ohh, ohhh, yeah, that is the spot. Maybe if I shuffle a little to the left then a little to the right. YEAH, that’s it.

Oh Yeah, now a wiggle to the front. This is great! Beats the rug in the house, excuse me, “CARPET” inside.

Maybe we can bring this rug inside the house? Insects are fun to play with. I mean spiders don’t eat much, I’m sure the Peoples will be Ok with that.

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