You say “tomato” I say “fun”

The He person was in the veggie garden. Welp I’m not sure why he has a veggie garden they go to the grocery store every week! Anyway, the He peoples brought in these round thingies called to-ma-tos. They look like red balls to me.

It is well established I like balls. If the He peoples is dumb enough to put them on the floor. This one is just the right size and they roll. Oh boy this is GREAT!

Guess what? To-ma-tos taste good and when you put holes in them they don’t deflate. The He peoples is cheering me on again. Gosh it is great getting support.

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4 thoughts on “You say “tomato” I say “fun”

      1. I hope you remove the seeds from the tomatoes because those are the causes of stones in canines. Even my pet Rinky loves tomatoes but we try not to give her or give her after cutting into pieces removing the seeds.

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