The Simple Things in Life

When I first came to live with the peoples I was worried. I feared all the fun things I knew were gone and I’d be sad.

I couldn’t have been more wrong. The peoples take me for a walk almost daily. Some times with my sisters and sometimes just me. We even go to a religious garden planted by the Gods. Funny thing is I don’t see any plants or Gods. I’m so confused.

The peoples enjoy car rides and so do I. Even more so when my sisters stay home. I get to look out the window, smell the smells, see other dogs. Going for a ride is great fun.

I also like to spy on the neighbors. The peoples call me the “bird” welp I’m confused and they clearly need help distinguishing birds from puppies. Anyway, its fun seeing what other peoples and their dogs are doing outside. Is it time for a walk?

Who doesn’t love sisterly love. Even if the sister is a kittie. Don’t forget peoples best friend is a puppy. Somebody has to love kitties and I’m just the puppy to do it.

I love the afternoon autumn sun. Especially laying on the outside rug. Maybe include a power nap. I still can’t imagine why the peoples would want a rug outside. I’ll never figure out peoples.

Then there is a cool hard wood floor on a hot summer day. I wish I could chew the floor while laying on here but NOoooo. Need to speak to the peoples about options.

Being a puppy, is great fun. But who can deny it is the simple things in life that make it worth living.

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