I Had a “Procedure”

Sorry I have not posted recently but the peoples decided to take me to the vet for a procedure or two. It is in my best interest. Yeah right, I’ve heard that line before. I used to like going to the vet. I got to see all the vet-peoples. It was great.

Sorry this post is going to be a little heated, PG-13.

What procedure you ask? Welp they had me “fixed.” There wasn’t anything wrong so WTH got fixed? And they put this stupid cone over my head. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable this is? The peoples said it’s for my own good, like I haven’t heard that before.

And I got a nose job. REALLY! I have like the smallest nose ever and now it has a job! WTH kind of job can my little nose have, besides the job hurts. I do have to admit this nose job makes it soooo much easier to breath.

Psss, Pippie can you help me get this dumb thing off? “NO!” I thought kitties were clever. Like I said before, man’s best friend is not kitties. Clearly that holds true for puppies.

The He peoples thinks I will feel better if he put me in my bed in front of the door. I want to go chase leaves, kitties, my sisters, peoples on the sidewalk… not sit in my bed and look at the door with this dumb cone.

Yes! I made it outside but how am I going to sniff out a place to pee. It looks like I am wearing a megaphone. Clearly, these peoples don’t understand the finer points of location, location, location.

They have me wearing this stupid pink shirt. I don’t even like pink, the color the singer is pretty good. Anyway, the He peoples told me I had a choice, the “cone of silence,” or the pink shirt. I guess it is the stupid pink shirt. I don’t understand, just because I chased the kittie and jumped up onto the couch. I do it all the time.

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