I had my post-op follow up the other day. I was so glad to see all the vet peoples. I thought peoples were He and She peoples but at the vet they have Doc peoples, and Tech peoples. They took me in the back, I got to see all these other peoples and I was told I looked good. Of course I look good.

I have been doing lots of laying around. It’s that time of the year when I look for sunshine on the rug. Sometimes I have to push the kitties off the sunspot. Speaking of kitties, I was minding my own business, taking it easy because that is what I was told to do. Welp I was sitting at the door enjoying the view when my sister kittie wanted to play.

Her claw cause a stitch in my nose job and I lost a piece. The peoples were not happy but the He peoples put medicine on it. Something about germs are germs and their medicine would work. They didn’t want an infection to ruin my nose job.

Some times I’m exercising with my sister Sage and the peoples get mad. Don’t they know a girls gotta stay in shape. Anyway, they put the pink shirt. I keep telling them I hate this shirt, maybe in another color. I go outside and roll in it, try to rip it off by rubbing on the weeds but no the shirt remains on.

Oh look my boo-boo. It looks good. It’s really small so I don’t understand why all the fuss. Hey look I have an outie bellybutton. I hope to be back to myself by the end of the week.

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