So the peoples tell me the seasons have changed and it’s now Fall. Why Fall? So far the weather has gotten cooler and the sun is warmer. Shouldn’t it be called “Cooler?”

The leaves are changing color. The wind is blowing them off the trees. I am really enjoying myself chasing the leaves. Who thought leaves could be fun. They just sit there in the tree providing shade. They are actually boring until now.

I was tasting one the other day and the He peoples said “NO, you don’t want to eat that!” Why not, it looked tasty, it’s red. Green leaves don’t look tasty.

I’m here to tell you, they don’t taste as good as tree branches do. So I was thinking, why are they called leaves? Just like that it came to me. The season is called Fall because the leaves fall off the trees and they are called leaves because they leave the tree in the Fall. I need to call the newspaper, I have a story for them.

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