My Auntie S. peoples said I was bougie. Apparently, she forgot I’m French. I really don’t think so. Do I look like I have money or that I am of a higher class? I don’t need money, I have peoples.

Ok, so I enjoy sitting on pillows, rugs, mats – yes I like to be comfortable, doesn’t everybody? How is that bougie?

Yes, I do have stuff but it is clear to all: (rule #1) what is mine is mine and (rule #2) what is yours is mine. Speaking of, what are you eating? Did you forget rule #2? What is yours is mine!

If I just get this pillow off the couch I can be comfortable. Why are pillows on the couch anyway? Why would I sit on a pillow on the couch, I have the couch to sit on. Come on peoples, these are throw pillows so throw them to the floor.

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