You Dirty Dog

This is GREAT! The sun is out, the ground is cool (and dry). Who doesn’t like playing in the dirt? The peoples enjoy working in the dirt, planting flowers, growing a garden. I’ve heard they say how good the dirt smells, welp puppies like the smell of dirt too.

Plus, I enjoy all the praise the peoples bestow on me. I roll, cover myself with dirt and run into the house to show them. They get so excited, yelling their approval and suggest I go outside to play more. Which I do so I can roll in the dirt again.

One time I came in the the He peoples used the vacuum on me. I’m not sure I liked that but I do enjoy playing with the vacuum. He knows that and could tell how happy I was so he played the vacuum with me.

You know what the real reason is? I have an itch. Yup, my back itches and I can’t reach it. My legs just don’t bend that way. I know the peoples have similar issues. I’ve seen them rub their backs on the corner of the wall.

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