My birthday is just around the corner and I’ve been considering my options. You know, trying to come up with something fun to celebrate. I’ve read a lot of women enjoy a mani-pedi, welp that sounded like a good option. Right up until the He peoples explained that I don’t have hands so I can’t have a manicure. Well, I have paws, I can have a pedicure – right.

Speaking of paws, did you know you can thank me for the word. It comes from the Old French powe, poue, poe “paw,” or “fist.” I told you the French are under appreciated and responsible for more than baguettes, beignets and fries.

Look my paws are in need of some TLC. The digital pads (by my nails) and metacarpal pad (behind them) are a little dry. Did you know I am a digitigrade animal? Yup, I am. I walk on my toes. It is important I take care of my paws. (Editorial note, don’t bust her bubble but all dogs walk on their toes).

I’m looking for a pet spa so I can get a peti-pedi. Really, don’t you enjoy having your hands and feet massaged? Welp so do I. It is so relaxing and it promotes better circulation. I’m thinking a once over with a pumice stone and the pads will be looking good.

Don’t forget the tops. I watch the peoples lotion up their hands, arms, legs, feet. I really like lotion, it is tasty and smells great. Did you ever smell a dog’s paw? Girl, let me tell you, hygiene is important to me.

Looking at my nails – claws sound so uncultured. Anyway, what color should I paint them. Some are real dark while others are lighter. They would look so much better if they are a uniformed color.

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