It’s My Birthday

They say it’s your birthday
Well, it’s my birthday too,

They say it’s your birthday
We’re gonna have a good time

Marley that’s my Happy Birthday bone

I’m glad it’s my birthday
Happy birthday to me!

I’m going to eat the whole thing!

OH BOY, it’s my birthday. I’m the big ONE. Wow I guess this means I am not a puppy anymore. No one wished me a happy birthday all day. I thought they forgot but no the peoples remembered. They waited for dinner then sprang it on me. I got this great big Happy Birthday bone. I shared it with my sisters and we still have plenty for tomorrow.

Run rabbit, run

Oh yeah, they got me presents; a stuffed rabbit and a stuffed tree rat (editorial note: it’s a squirrel). I also got a new chew bone. I was so surprised. They really made my day. I am so excited….Oops I peed on the rug.

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