Excuse me, that’s my snow

This is great, I got up this morning and look, it snowed enough to really play in it. Yup, I’m talking about 2” maybe even 3”. It was a little chilly today, I don’t think the temps hit 15F so the peoples put on my sweater. I really like the sweater because it is sleeveless. You know, I just don’t like stuff on my arms. The peoples finally figured that out.

Speaking of peoples, WAIT that is my snow! What are you doing? where is it going?

That’s my snow! Why are you pushing it away? How am I going to play in it?

I need to inspect it and make sure the snow is ok. It tastes ok so it is ok, so far. Stop, no more. Leave the snow where it lies.

That’s it I’m going to block that shovel. I’m exercising peaceful civil disobedience.

Hey, you aren’t recognizing my peaceful disobedience so I’m going to bite the shovel. Stop, leave my snow alone. Geez

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