Best in Show

This has been the greatest day ever. There was hours of programming dedicated to dogs. Plus the peoples were cooking, OMG it smells good. I don’t know what they are cooking but I can’t wait for dinner. Now back to the dog show. This is so exciting!

My cousin, (can’t you see the family resemblance?) is a finalist. Can you imagine? This year there were 3,500 dogs competing and my cousin is a finalist.

COME ON, come on, come on, come on. I have my toes crossed, I can’t get any closer to the TV. I can’t take my eyes off the screen. HE WON, he won, Winston won. Wow, I forgot I was holding my breath, I can breathe now. I think I need to step outside.

The thrill of victory. I’m not sure what he did to win. He just pranced around and sat there. I can do that.

Now that is over, I wonder what time is dinner?

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