Ahhhh Help, Run!

Reader Peoples, call for help. I don’t understand what has happened to the peoples. They said they are decorating for the holiday. The He Peoples crawled into a space and came out with a bunch of boxes then got the ladder – I was so scared, I left the house, and hid. Oh and What holiday? I don’t know. There’s a tree in the house now. I wonder if it came with tree rats? (Editorial note: she hasn’t seen National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation- yet).

Anyway, I thought the He Peoples was done decorating but no! So I ran to the She Peoples hoping she would hide me. That wasn’t an option so the She Peoples offered moral support and comfort.

This has been so exhausting and I’m feeling real safe. Can you Peoples guess why? Yup the He Peoples will get my sister kittie first. You know the old saying “don’t have to out run a bear, just the slowest people.”

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