No Respect at all

I have a favorite pillow I sit on. I’ve been called bougie but really, if you had a choice between the floor and a pillow, where would you sit? Anyway, so the other day I was sitting on my pillow, just chillin. Waiting for the peoples, I’m always waiting on the peoples to let me out or whatever. So I decided a power nap was in order.

The peoples open the door so out I went. I got doggie things to do; chase a kittie, play with a ball, chew a stick, or maybe run the fence because someone is on the other side – other things. Back inside I went and guess what?

Pippie took my spot. Fine sister she is. There is a good reason why I chase her and taking my seat is one of them. Also, do you know she has been sleeping in my bed! I might be allergic. I don’t want her in my bed. Leaving kittie dander and cat fur – yuk.

When I hang with the kitties I get no respect. I play chase, they wouldn’t even chase me. I don’t get no respect, no respect at all.

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