Size Matters

The He peoples calls me “shortie,” “little girl,” “small stuff,” – talk about giving a puppy a complex. I really don’t understand why he calls me that, but my mental well being is not the topic today. Beside I wonder when he last stood next to a yard stick. This may be a surprise but I love chewing. I chew on bones, sticks, stuffed animals, peoples feet.

The peoples give me little chew bones. They said it is the right size for me, I won’t choke. SIZE! I love chew bones and I bet I’ll choke on those little ones.

Late in the spring time, we had a big snow fall, it was so much fun. The snow broke the tree. When the He peoples was cleaning up he gave me a bunch of branches. Let me tell you, maple branches taste good and the longer the better.

My sisters have bones for chewing, which they mostly ignore so I help myself. I get hours of enjoyment chewing on these big bones.

The sister’s nylabones are great! They come in different flavors and shapes. This one the He peoples occasionally kicks. I can’t repeat what he says since this is a family rated blog. After he stops screaming he calls it the toe buster.

As you can see, little bones are for little dogs and I’m a big girl now – size of the chew bone matters.

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