The Park

The other day it snowed again. The peoples complained that the snow wasn’t melting. I love snow (but it would be better with sugar). Anyway, the He peoples shoveled the snow off the patio, I did my best to stop him.

Fast forward to now, welp the peoples went out and didn’t take me! Instead they left me in my pen – FINE, so I took a nap. But when they got home I thought “time for a walk.” The She peoples surprised us when she said, how about a trip to the park. The PARK! I haven’t been to the park in like forever.

Guess what, the park is still covered with snow and it was crowded. There were lots of other dogs. Some were off lead running free. I tried getting away but it didn’t work.

There were kids sledding. That looked like fun. If I could get free I could join them. And did I mention all the smells? My sniffer was working over time.

I also saw people playing frisbee golf. I really wanted to go get a frisbee but the peoples said that was bad sportsmanship. I’m confused. They throw the frisbee I thought they wanted me to go and get it.

I ran into peoples called snowmen, but they didn’t have much to say. Here I am, on a hill, oh please let me go, I want to slide down this hill.

Gosh I love going to the park.

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