Olly Olly Oxen Free

I’ve been playing hide and seek with the kitties and I got to thinking, where did this game come from. The peoples don’t have any oxen, goats, cows, or chickens so I was confused. Off to Wikipedia I go and look what I found:

The origin of the phrase is unknown. The Dictionary of American Regional English says the phrase may be derived from “all ye, all ye outs in free,” “all the outs in free,” or possibly “calling all the outs in free”; in other words, all who are out may come in without penalty. Others speculate the phrase may be a corruption of a hypothetical and ungrammatical German phrase alle, alle, auch sind frei.” Wait isn’t the German phrase nearly the same as the English phrase?

Anyway, the other day we were playing and the kitties was “it.” Lookie here, I found the best hiding place, they will never find me here.

This is also a great spot, I can see the kitties coming, then run and hide in my great spot.

Oh look, another great spot, I’m going to hide under this pillow. They’ll never look here.

Come a little closer said the spider to the fly!

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2 thoughts on “Olly Olly Oxen Free

  1. I hope his bite was not severe. The Potato has showed aggressiveness towards the cats and her big sisters when food is involved. Otherwise she just loves to play. Thank you for visiting.


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