Tai chi (Puppy Style)

I was watch Kung Fu Panda and saw Po practicing Tai chi. Known as meditation in motion, Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese tradition based in martial arts. It is a practice that involves a series of slow gentle movements and physical postures, a meditative state of mind, and controlled breathing.

I tried mindfulness but I kept falling asleep so I thought I’d try Tai Chi which is appropriate as I heard this is the year of the Bunny.

I read that Tai Chi provides mental, physical, and emotional benefits. I don’t think I have any issues but it looked really cool on Kung Fu Panda.

This is great, there are moves like “Grasp the Sparrow’s tail,” “White crane spreads it’s wings,” “Embrace the Tiger,” and “Retreat to embrace the monkey.” How cool is this! A trip to the zoo without leaving home.

Then there are moves like “Play the Pipa,” “Wave hands like clouds,” “Fair lady works shuttles,” and “Needles at sea bottom.” Really, who thinks this stuff up?

Wow I am tired, I’m breaking a sweat. I thought this was supposed to be in slow motion!

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