A Tale about no Tail

All my sisters have a tail. My dog sister wag theirs, the kittie sisters, their tails just stick up in the air – they are special. I just have a butt, like the peoples.

When I’m in the scrum, my sisters have an unfair advantage, their tails. Yeah, it helps them keep their balance. I’m forced to stand up to them with my butt. I read dogs need a tail to keep from falling over. I don’t fall over and I don’t have a tail.

I got to thinking, could I be a peoples? I don’t like crappy dog food. I like yogurt, potato chips, noodles, cream cheese, stew, and carrots; ok I’m not a fan of bok choy. But if I’m a peoples, why do I sleep in a crate while my peoples are in the bed?

I think I have a cute butt. The He peoples says I have a “hiney.” Having a butt instead of a tail comes with some advantages. My “tail” doesn’t get stepped on, little peoples don’t pull it, and it doesn’t follow me around. Ask my kittie sister Bleu about chasing her tail.

Am I being cheated? Am I missing something? I feel like I am different.

(Editorial note: she doesn’t realize she has a tail 1” long)

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