French (Bulldog) Baguette

As a Frenchie, I’m naturally fond of baguettes (and I also like quiche but that’s a story for another day). The other day, the He peoples was enjoying a baguette so I took the liberty of reminding him I am French. This worked out and we shared.

This reminds me, because I am French, did you know the origin of baguettes is not known. Some think Bonaparte came up with the baguette to make it easier on his troops. While some believe the baguette was created to stop metro workers from carrying knives to cut their bread. It’s well known, the French love bread and a 1919 law prevented bakers from working before 4 am. Welp, baguettes are quick and fast to make,

Crusty bread is best when chewed and chewed. It gets soft after the drool works on the crust. I’m sure the He peoples will appreciate my effort to make the baguette easier to eat since it is all mushy on the end.

HEY! This is my baguette. Keep your nose to yourself.

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