California Dreaming (on such a winter’s day)

Back on my birthday I dreamt, hoped, the peoples would take me out for a spa day. I feel like I am entitled. It was a long tough year getting to be 1. But I managed, and it did happen. To celebrate, I hoped and hoped for a spa day. I’ve now given up and just dream of a spa day, and rabbits of course.

I’m sure every day is a spa day In California. It is obvious. I watch TV, all the pretty peoples live there and they have to work on being pretty.

Gotta love a nice massage in a warm bath with rubber duckies. No bubbles, I want minerals salts. It makes the water taste soooo much better. Not as good as San Pellegrino but a close second.

Or how about a relaxing drink in my robe. Yes of course it is a French Martini – duh. And a nice fluffed pillow behind me.

How about a mani-pedi with friends? Wait it is a pedi-pedi isn’t it?

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