Point of View

(Lettie). Hey sister kittie, what’s going on outside. What? I can’t hear you, come closer. Yeah I know the peoples need to clean the window. It wouldn’t be so bad if you kept your nose off the glass.

(Kittie) The wind is really blowing today. Just look at the trees moving and the leaves blowing around. Sure sounds cold.

(Lettie) Hey, what is that? Is it a rabbit? (Kittie) No, that doesn’t look anything like a rabbit. (Lettie) It is hard to tell with all your nose prints on the glass. (Kittie) A seeing eye dog could tell that isn’t a rabbit.

(Lettie) Okay, little miss 9-lives, what is it then? (Kittie) It’s an empty yogurt container. Today is recycling day and it is windy. (Lettie) Too bad it isn’t a rabbit, I wonder what flavor.

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