Almost an Entrée

OMG peoples, I had a near-death experience. Maybe I’m exaggerating just a bit. I was almost an entrée. The He peoples took me outside a couple nights ago to do my thing. He always accompanies me as I’m afraid of the dark. Welp anyway, I was trotting out through the snow to my favorite spot when a huge shadow passed over me and there was a loud swish. Shadows at night, yup, the moon was up and bright. I heard the He peoples yell something and then on the house in front of me was the largest bird I’d ever seen.

It was a Great Horned Owl. Wow, it was big. I froze and got as close to the ground as possible. It had snowed so I figured it would be hard to see me since my coat is so light. I stayed until the He peoples was next to me. Then I told that owl to mind its own business, this is my yard and I’m not “what’s for dinner.” The owl hooted and hooted for assistance but no other owls came so it left.

Maybe it was just a coincidence? Yeah right!

The next day when the She peoples heard, she told the He peoples he needed to stay closer to me. I don’t need a chaperone, I’m 1 and I would like a little privacy while tinkling. Considering all available options; being an entrée vs privacy, welp I’m not modest. I heard the He peoples say the shadow was a good 4’ across. I guess it was peoples feet cause it was way bigger than 4 of mine.

I went to the Colorado Virtual Library and looked up Great Horn Owls and this is what they said:

“This is the most common species of owl in Colorado, as well as the largest, with wingspans nearly five feet long. Despite their name, Great Horned Owls don’t have horns. Instead, what looks like horns are actually tufts of feathers called plumicorns. [fancy phrase for bed-hair] Great Horned Owls have special filaments on their wing feathers, allowing them to fly silently and sneak up on their prey. [so I noticed] They feed on large prey that can include skunks, rabbits, squirrels, other large birds like hawks and waterfowl, and even small domestic animals [like me] — so make sure your pets are safely indoors after dusk.” [Now you tell me]

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