HEY! I’m trying to sleep here

Guess what? This is my 100th post. Not bad for a Frenchie don’t you think?

My regular readers know of my fondness for power naps. Doesn’t matter if it is a morning nap, afternoon nap, an evening nap. Any place and every place is good. Welp recently the sister kitties have become the bane of my napping. Regardless of where I nap they show up and bother me.

The other day, after I read all the news worth printing a nap was in order. I felt her before she meowed. Kitties have no appreciation for common courtesy. I’m sleeping here!

Some times I like to relax on the ottoman. Working the recliner is tough with paws. But Nooooooo. The kittie couldn’t just pass by, she had to rub against me. Ewwww, I’ll catch kittie cooties or worse smell like a kittie. What will my sisters say?

I can’t even fit in a quick sun bath without a kittie appearing. They have the whole floor but noooooo, they have to sit next to me. Do I look like I want company? I have to wonder if kitties have poor eye sight, or are they just this just ridiculous.

If any of you peoples have any idea how I can deal with the kittie situation please let me know. I’m losing valuable sleep, peoples.

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